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Contracts/ Projects

Services provided to uplift and improve the performances of construction contractors
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novel & unique concept

The methodology that unique

The CGF initiate with a novel & unique concept to provide Bonds & Guarantees without security/collateral, thus undertaking the total risk when providing such service. CGF as a Non Profit Service organization and the income is plough back to the capital to increase its threshold.

The unique arrangement of CGF is not to take security/collateraland stringent measures taken to close monitoring Projects and maintain the financial discipline ensuring Total Project Performance.





Projects/ Contract

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What we can do for you

Our services

Providing Bonds/ Guarantees

We are a unique Financial Services Organization, who provides bonds and guarantees to Construction Contractors, to enable them to secure construction projects and execute the projects professionally.

Technical evaluation

identify key contractual issues that require agreement before an evaluation can commence. Clarity and agreement on these issues between the two parties can increase the likelihood of the successful completion of an evaluation.

Project Monitoring

GUARANTEES TOTAL PROJECT PERFORMANCE. Availability of Project activities monitored through digital medium.

Advise Pre and Post Contract stages

Guidance on responsible contractual behaviour in the performance and enforcement of contracts impacted by various situations.

Contract Management

managing risk, and managing relationships.

Technical Clinic- Knowledge Sharing

the process of making the best use of knowledge and information within the parties to achieve objectives.

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